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Sales Trainer, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

After 34 years in the business, Lucinda Harman is eminently qualified to share the lessons, experiences, and wisdom she wishes someone had shared with her throughout her diverse career and life. She is driven by her vision and mission of making a significant difference in other people’s lives by imparting her passion for growth and success both in sales, entrepreneurship and life. Her belief: no matter the odds, there is always an opportunity to transform adversity and challenges into success and positive change.

Lucinda Harman is a SETA-accredited facilitator, accomplished Sales Specialist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Distinguished Toastmaster, Trainer, Leader and The Growth Catalyst.

She leads by supreme example with her strong determination to make things happen and tenacity to get things done. She is often referred to as possessing an unwavering sense of purpose, a passion for life, a relentless drive to achieve her goals, and the perseverance, resilience, and grit required to overcome obstacles to succeed.

The United Kingdom quickly picked up on her ‘fired up’ approach by calling her ‘The Powerhouse’ due to her dynamic and high-energy presentation style.

She is considered the greatest mother in the world to 2 amazing dogs. She is passionate about the power of community. She is a ward councillor in the City of Johannesburg.

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With The Growth Catalyst’s 34 years of experience and industry knowledge, you will achieve extraordinary results that seemed like an imaginary wishlist. Let me show you how.

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